VO Privacy Policy

VO Privacy Policy.
Three Nine Six for Digital Production and Broadcasting Services Limited (the “VO Company”), which operates the “VO” service, takes the protection of privacy and personal data very seriously. The following privacy policy explains how we process the personal data of the users of the VO platform.
Privacy Policy Topics.
• Reason for collecting and processing personal data, and how it is used.
• The legal basis for processing personal data.
• Determine who has the right to access and process personal data.
• Ways to protect personal data.
• Duration of retention of personal data.
• The rights established regarding the processing of personal data.
• How to reach us.
1-Scope of effect
1/1- This privacy policy applies to all services provided by the VO Company and its group companies, including the "VO" service, together with our digital apps, contests, and other features and other digital services (together referred to as the "VO Services"). The VO Company is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales with its registered office at 346 Queenstown Road, London, England, SW11 8BY and with registered company number 12942100.
2/1- The user must not start using the VO Services until after reading and examining this privacy policy carefully. By continuing to use the VO Services, the user will be deemed to have given their consent to this privacy policy. On acceptance of this privacy policy the user agrees to abide by it. If the user does not agree to this privacy policy, they should not use the VO Services. The VO Company is not responsible for any illegal use of the VO Services. - If you are under the age of 18 you must ensure your parents / legal guardians have read this privacy policy before continuing and using the services.
3/1- The VO Company may update the privacy policy from time to time to consider the legal, administrative, or operational requirements, and will, as soon as the updates are approved, make the updated privacy policy available within the VO Services. The user must accept any such changes to continue to use the VO Services or reject the same and cancel their use.
4/1- This policy applies to the use of the VO Services in general, regardless of the type of device or connection service (Internet), including computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or other devices that are compatible with our services. There may be special policies for some services, applications, or programs, or part of them.
5/1- This policy will also apply if you access the VO Services through any unauthorized third-party sites. However, in such cases, please note that the VO Company has no responsibility or liability for the practices of any such third-party sites or services which may or may not have their own privacy policies.
2-Key definitions related to the privacy policy.
User: Every natural or legal person who/which access and/or uses the VO Services. The user may be referred to as "you," or “them”.
Personal data: any data related to a specific natural person, or that can be identified directly or indirectly by linking this data with any other data such as name, voice, picture, identification number, or identifiable identity via the Internet, or any data or information about the location, internet identifier, or one or more of the factors determining this natural person.
Processing: means any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether by automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction.
Reasons for collecting and processing your personal data.
We collect and process your personal data for the following purposes:
-to provide you with the information, products, and services you have requested and send you marketing and advertising materials.
-to authenticate your access to the VO Services.
-for system administration purposes and for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistical and survey purposes.
-to distinguish you from other users (for example to remember your log-in details).
-to monitor your use of the VO Services to improve the user experience and to ensure that content is presented in the most effective manner for you and for your device.
-to provide customer support and ensure we provide a good level of customer service.
-to tailor any marketing or advertising so that it is more relevant to you.
-to notify you of any changes to the VO Services.
-to conduct marketing analysis to allow us to assess trends and the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing campaigns (including using your personal data to evaluate, analyze or predict certain personal aspects relating to you, such as your preferences, economic situation, interests, and/or location);

-for security and fraud prevention.
-to ensure that the VO Services are safe and secure; and
-to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including responding to legal requirements to obtain information from government agencies or through legal procedures.
3-The legal basis for processing personal data.
We will only process your personal data where we have a legal basis to do so. The legal basis will depend on the purposes for which we have collected and process your personal data. In almost every case, the legal basis will be one of the following:
Your prior consent: For example, where you have provided your consent to receive certain marketing from us. You can withdraw your consent at any time, including by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any marketing email we send you. The privacy policy of the VO Company depends on the complete satisfaction and free will of the user to accept or refuse the processing of the required data, and the user either accepts the privacy policy for the use of our products and services, or rejects it from the start, which will affect the services and products provided to you.
Performance of a contract with you (or in order to take steps prior to entering into a contract with you): For example, where you have purchased a product from us and we need to use your contact details and payment information in order to process your order and send the product to you.
Legitimate interest: Where it is necessary for us to understand our customers, promote and provide our services and operate effectively as a content platform, provided in each case that this is done in a legitimate way which does not unduly affect your privacy and other rights. For example, we will rely on this legal basis when we conduct certain market analysis to understand our customers in sufficient detail so we can create new services and improve the profile of our brands.
Compliance with law: Where we are subject to a legal obligation and need to use your personal data to comply with that obligation.
4-Disclosing your personal data.
The VO Company aims to limit the disclosure of your personal data to its employees and members whose tasks require access to information for the purpose of achieving goals and developing services, as well as for those with whom the VO company contracts with the intention of providing, sharing and developing services through strict confidentiality agreements that guarantee the protection of this data. The VO Company has in place strict processes to address any violation of these obligations. In addition to the above, the VO Company may need to disclose your personal data to a third party, such as the following:
-Suppliers and service providers: Anyone who deals or contracts with the VO Company to process data or implement the VO Services, including our representatives, agencies, suppliers, business partners and service providers.
-Succession and future partnership: If the ownership of the company or all of our business, or part of it, changes, or the company is merged with others or acquired by other companies, or there is a change in the legal form of the company or any other action, your personal data may be transferred to the applicable buyer or new entity.
-Legal parties: Legal advisors, witnesses, experts, judicial and quasi-judicial authorities, to protect the rights, property, safety, and security of the company from any disputes, address claims, lawsuits, and complaints, and protect users, clients, or agents of the company.
-Governmental or judicial authorities: To fulfill orders, decisions and requirements issued by government agencies and agencies, and to implement legal requirements and associated requests.
-Other Third parties: The VO Company may disclose your personal data to other parties, such as advertising companies, connected sites, or information analysis companies, to measure and analyze the usage and improve the VO Company’s services.
Methods of storing personal data.
The VO Company is a cross-border entity with its subsidiaries, partners and agents located in many countries around the world. For this reason, servers may be in more than one place around the world and not necessarily in the same country as the VO Company’s headquarters or its main branches. This means that the VO Company may transfer or process your personal data in other countries, on a server located outside the country in which you reside or in countries where the laws for protecting personal data may be less than those in your country of residence.
Whenever we transfer your personal data as described in the paragraph above, we will take steps which are reasonably necessary to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect your personal data and to make sure it is treated securely and in accordance with this policy. Where applicable, we rely on approved data transfer mechanisms (such as standard contractual clauses) to ensure your information is subject to adequate safeguards in the recipient country. Please contact us for further information regarding these measures.
Ways to protect personal data.
VO Company measures: We follow strict and appropriate electronic and technical security measures and security and regulatory measures, including governance models for protecting your personal data in accordance with data protection rules from unauthorized access to, use, change, disclosure or destruction of personal data, if we know or have reason to believe that your personal data has been compromised, we will inform affected users of the breach as required by applicable laws.
User measures: Users must protect their password and take the necessary measures to protect it, as the VO Company cannot provide any guarantees for the transfer of any data over the Internet or the website without any interference, which requires you to also take appropriate measures to protect your personal data. If you know or have doubts that your account credentials have been lost, stolen, misappropriated, or exposed to any other risks, or in the event of any actual unauthorized use of your account, please contact us by following the instructions in the "How to Contact Us" section below.
Duration of retention of personal data.
VO Company will keep your personal data if your account is active, or for the length of time necessary for the purpose for which the data was collected or processed, and the retention period in this case will not exceed ten years in most cases. The VO Company may retain your personal data for longer periods if necessary to comply with our legal obligations or to protect legitimate interests. The VO Company deletes personal data that is not needed from its servers.
In Cases of deleting personal data.
The VO Company may, at its discretion or at the request of the user, delete the user’s data in the following cases: -
- If the data, in violation of the provisions of this privacy policy or our terms of use, due to its lack, inaccuracy, or unlawfulness, or in the case of excessive data, or if it is considered irrelevant,
- if the data is related to professional life or private life, the obligation to delete such data is not necessarily mandatory, since the right to erasure aims to protect private life, not to hide wrong practices, which the public has a right to see in certain circumstances.
- Information that constitutes defamation, insult, or slander, unless there is a request, action, or court ruling, or based on a decision from an authority concerned with protecting personal data, and here it is necessary to distinguish between the fact that the information constitutes a defamation campaign, or just an opinion. An opposition politician, based on the validity of the facts that she narrates, and based on the legal opinion of the company.
-Data revealing race, belief, political opinions, sexual orientation, or otherwise, from sensitive data or comment on cases and judgments based on the legal opinion of the company.
- If it is proven that the information causes harm, or a disproportionate negative impact on private life, and/or where the individual in question is a minor, or the use affects the concerned person’s chances of obtaining a job opportunity, or could harm such person, such as his bank account number or passport number, his location, or his home address, that is, every piece of information that could help to trap him, or to seize his identity or his money, taking into account the context in which the information was published, taking into account whether the intended content was published with the consent of the person concerned, or without his knowledge. In such cases, it is necessary to respect the person’s desire to remove this content and stop publishing it.
- A request for deletion may be rejected if the purpose of publishing the information and data is in the media, but that does not mean the loss of the right of the person concerned to request erasure, when the elements of inaccuracy of the information, its presentation, its relationship to private life, and its harm to the person concerned, or when it is published the information or data, in the implementation of a legal requirement; as the case for judgments, or administrative decisions, that are imposed to be published, to give them effect, or to announce them. If the ruling is punitive, then different requirements may apply, if a crime is covered by a general amnesty, in such a case it may be assumed that any request for erasure may be accepted, provided that the relevant body studies the seriousness of the crime, and the period that has elapsed from the date of its commission, in other cases.
User rights.
•The right to access your personal data, in which case we may provide you with a copy of this data, if this is not available to you directly, for example within your personal account.
•The right to amend your personal data, if your data is inaccurate or outdated; In this regard, it is important that the personal data we hold about you is accurate and up to date. Please inform us in case of any change to your personal data during the period in which we keep your information.
•The right to (a) withdraws consent, where processing is based on your consent and (b) in all cases withdraw your consent for all marketing.
•The right to object to the processing of your personal data, where the processing depends on our legitimate interests (subject to certain legal exceptions).
•The right to have your personal data deleted in certain cases.
•The right to restrict the processing of your personal data.
•The right to receive your personal data for transmission to a third party or to transfer your personal data to a third party of your choice if this is technically possible.
•The right to file a complaint with a data protection authority if you consider that the processing of your personal data violates data protection laws.
You can send us a request in this regard at any time as described in the “How to Contact Us” section.
Please Note:
•We may need to verify your identity before taking any action based on your request.
•As the exercise of these rights is subject to certain legal conditions and restrictions, we may reject your request if these conditions are not met or if there are legal restrictions.
•We may reject repeated requests, and/or those which are manifestly unfounded or excessive, or which pose a risk to the privacy of others.
•In all cases, we will make reasonable efforts to deal immediately with your request within the time periods required by law. If your request is rejected, we will notify you of that.
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What is the purpose for using cookies?
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How to Contact Us
If you have any other inquiries, please contact us at the following email: [insert email address]
Updates to this Privacy Policy
The VO Company may update this privacy policy from time to time in response to legal, regulatory, or operational requirements. Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this page. When these changes relate to material issues, we may provide you with specific notice of any such changes (including when they come into effect) in accordance with the law. If any changes require your consent, we will make sure that you can consent in accordance with applicable law.
This Privacy Policy was updated on [27/5/2021].