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Course Brief:
Introducing the PPA Assessment - an online assessment that holds the key to your future. Just 20 questions, 1-2 days, and you'll unlock a world of possibilities. Choose English or Arabic and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Find your passion, motivation factors ,your strengths, capabilities and align with the perfect major + job.The assessment is accredited by The British Psychological Society.
  • Steps to get your report -
  • ➡️ 1. Fill up the registration form
    ➡️ 2. Make the Payment
    ➡️ 3. Receive your username and password within 24 hours with a link to login for the assessment
    ➡️ 4. Get the full report after 48 hours.
Terms and Conditions:
  • 1. Payment is nonrefundable
  • 2. 100% payment in advance
  • 3. One-time use and One User
  • After receiving the report, the user gets a free consultation session to discuss the education and career path. Contact details for any help/support: +965-92212731
  • Price: 45 KD