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Dark Room

The Darkroom, powered by VO, is the biggest in the Middle East. Containing eight enlargers, it was built with the intention to create a collaborative space for anyone interested in exploring and experimenting with this old art form. Within the darkroom creatives will explore film developing and printing whether they are amateurs or professionals. It will be a space to bring together local and regional talent.
What We Provide
Workshop: Darkroom 101
Price: 30 KD + (10 KD refundable insurance)
In this workshop participants will learn the very basics to film developing and printing. In order to do this workshop it is a requirement participants bring their own film roll to develop.
*Chemistry and paper provided.
Price: 5 KD + (10 KD refundable insurance)
1 Black and white film per roll: 5 KD
*Chemistry provided.
Price: 12 KD + (10 KD refundable insurance)
10 small photo papers included
Price: 15 KD + (10 KD refundable insurance)
10 medium photo papers included
Price: 18 KD + (10 KD refundable insurance)
5 large photo papers included
*Paper provided.
Darkroom Specs
  • 8 Beseler 23CIII-XL Dichro Enlargers total
  • 6 enlargers carry 35mm film
  • 2 enlargers carry 120mm film
  • Black and white printing
  • Color printing will be available in the near future
  • Paterson developing tanks
  • IlFord paper